The “Mean Girl” Mums. 

Have you ever watched the film ‘Mean Girls ‘? If not, its basically a teen comedy film made in 2004 where a teenage girl named Cady (played by Lindsay Logan) moves from South Africa to Illinois where she gets to experience High School and the bitchy cliques that come with it.

Well tonight I was reminded of that group when I was on an advice page for parents that was discussing unique baby names.

It’s a hot topic that gained literally hundreds of comments. So many parents were keen to show off pictures of their offspring and their names.

There were some truly beautifully names appearing like Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva), Harrison, Kai, Dixie.. So many to choose from in fact.

Of course there were some names that many might find controversial.. And one woman commented that her daughter was named Princess.

Now this raises my next question.. Who’s fucking business is it what someone chooses to call their baby?

In my opinion.. Nobody’s. Unless someone tries to call their child something really wild like “tampon” then why should we care. If the parent is happy then who are we to judge? 

Apparently I don’t think the same what as other people though. This poor woman got jumped on and ridiculed for calling her child Princess.. Some laughing at her, others ridiculing the grammar of the comments.. Some people even going as far as saying she had ruined the childs life and that the child will grow up hating her. 

It was like lions setting on their prey and going in for the kill. This woman got hounded good and proper and her whole life ripped to bits by other mums who had never even met her. 

What. The. Fuck.

Since when did we become such a horrible society?  You’d have thought that this poor woman had just announced that she had committed a serious crime. 

We are all adults, so when the fuck are we going to start acting like it? Mums should be supporting and helping each other.. Not taking the piss out of each others kids and the names that their parents have given them.

It’s 2017, grow up and stop acting like we’re back in high school. 

My daughters name is Adalyn, does that mean she will grow up hating me? Doubt it.

So to the “Mean Girl” Mums I say this, grease your shoes and slide on because your comments are intimidating, vicious and worthless. 

And for the record, I think that baby Princess is beautiful.. And her mumma should be proud. 



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