A Cry For Help – The Difficult Poem

We all know

That life’s not fun and games,

But what do we do

When everyday turns the same?


The thoughts, the memories

They don’t go away,

The thoughts, the depression,

They’re all here to stay.


The worry, the panic,

The constant battle,

Far too many thoughts

That make your head rattle.


The flashbacks, the fear,

Feeling like you’re no good,

The feeling of worthlessness

That controls your mood.


But where do you turn

When there is no support?

When sometimes you just want

To slit your own throat.


When you’ve lost your strength

And feel so weak,

When you feel nothing more

Apart from being a freak.


What do you do

When you’ve lost your fight?

When you’ve given up

And lost the light. 


They told you once

To take each day as it comes,

To just hold on

Until they find you someone.


It won’t last forever

There will be help

But do they even 

Hear you yelp? 


They tell you to call

That someone will always be there..

But where are they now

When you’re pulling out your hair?


Just take each day,

Just try to hold on.

Just try to remember

You’d be missed if you were gone.


Find a reason,

Just give it time..

Even if your life

Feels like a mountain to climb.




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