All Aboard The Waverley!

The Waverley is the last sailing paddle steamer boat in the world, an incredible piece of engineering launched In 1947. 

Seeing as I have foreign relatives visiting just now, we decided a trip aboard the waverly would be a good way to spend the glorious, hot, summers day. 

We stood on the breakwater watching the Waverley dock. What a magnificent beauty it really is. The paddles slowed before the gangplanks were raised.

I look at my pram then looked at the steep, rocky, thin gangplanks. “oh no”.. However, the crew of volunteers came and helped to lift the pram on board. 

We spent hours on the Waverley, travelling between our destinations. I spent most of my time in the engine room, watching the mechanics of the boat and listening to the whurring as well as feeling the inferno of heat coming from the engines. 

I had to laugh at the cushions on the low roofs to stop us hitting our heads on the low parts of the Boat. I was half expecting to find a sign that said “please dont sue us!”.

The atmosphere was amazing. So many happy people, the sun shining, the captain describing all of the places we were passing and the crew working hard to ensure we were all happy and well fed.

Even my young daughter was happy.. And let me tell you, she can be a right grumpy baby at times!

I had to laugh though, as we passed the nuclear weapons Base at Faslane, the captain encouraged passengers to look off the other side of the boat at the very interesting forest… Yep, a forest. How interesting. As if we won’t notice the large nuclear weapons Base and men with guns on the other side.

Overall though, the day was magnificent. A day that distracted me from the realities of life, and allowed me to spend valuable time with my family. 

If you ever get the opportunity to go on the Waverley, I highly recommend that you do!


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