Darkness- An Honest Poem

In the depth of the darkness,

When there is no light.

When you need to find something

To get you through the night.


The tears, the trauma,

The endless pain-

The darkest of thoughts

flood through your brain. 


Family and friends,

They don’t understand

Even those who try to help you,

May sink you further in quicksand.


What would you do

Just to feel numb?

Would you pick up a razor..

Would you succumb?


If only there was something

That could take the pain away,

Something that would help

To get through each day.


A shimmer, a shadow,

A small glimmer of hope,

We will try until we find something

That will help you cope.


A hug, a smile

A cup of tea,

Just keep on trying

Until you get through to me.


Give me some patience

And some time to heal,

It may take time to recover

From this awful ordeal.


In the depth of the darkness

When you don’t feel right,

There’s no shame in asking

For help to shine bright.


If there’s just one thing

That I could say to you,

Its not to give up-

We will get through.




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